Robert David Martinez, MD, born and raised in South Texas, found an early love with the nature and wildlife that surrounded him as a young man.  His father Rene Karam was an avid outdoorsman who taught Robert how to appreciate the natural wonders of South Texas.  Robert has tried to pass on this love and understanding of our natural world to his children Christian Anthony and Gabriella Renee Martinez.  His photography tries to reflect his view and how he is affected by the natual wonders he photographs at the moment the shutter is pressed.  He has also taken a special interest in aviation photography as his love of the men and women of our military who sacrificied everything in the name of freeedom should never be forgotten.  His passion includes highlighting the sacrifices our military men and women made in the several life changing and hard fought wars over the years at home and oversees. Overall however, most of his time is spent photographing nature and wildlife all over the world.